What is the job description for a legal secretary?

A legal secretary improves the efficiency of lawyers by providing administrative support in a law firm. Try completely free, no card required. Legal secretaries work in a variety of settings, providing administrative support to lawyers and judges. This requires them to have a firm understanding of legal terminology and procedures, as well as strong administrative and people-facing skills.

While they perform many tasks expected of traditional clerks, such as compiling complex document files, they can also be involved in preparing complicated transactions or court appearances. Since they are a primary point of contact for clients and assistant attorneys, law clerks must have excellent communication skills and polite, professional behavior. They must also have a strong sense of discretion. A legal secretary plays a very important role in legal environments and their job description is often tailored to the particular lawyer and the area of practice for which they work.

Whether you hire a legal secretary for a large firm or the legal department of a large corporation, you could emphasize the wide range of opportunities and benefits offered by your organization.

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