Can i bypass administrator rights?

To avoid this mechanism, many users simply disable UAC or grant administrator privileges to a user by adding a user account to the local “Administrators” group. We can force the execution of regedit, exe without administrator privileges and suppress the UAC request. For that, we simply drag the EXE file that we want to launch to this BAT file on the desktop. Insert the bootable USB disk into the computer where you do not have an administrator password and you have lost administrator privilege.

Although they can perform most of the actions that administrator accounts can perform, other accounts with administrative privileges must individually approve each process that requires administrative access. This built-in administrator is hidden and disabled by default until you enable it manually, and its default name is Administrator and the password is blank if you haven't changed it. Finally, when the administrator password is removed or a new administrator account is created, disconnect the bootable USB drive and restart the computer. You can remove the administrator password so that you can access it without a password, or add a new administrator account to log on to your computer.

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