How much does a law firm administrator make?

A law firm administrator must ensure that all legal documents are kept organized with scanning, faxing, copying, and archiving tasks and procedures. You know if you are paid fairly as a legal administrator if your salary is close to the average wage of the state in which you live. Organizations such as the Association of Legal Administrators offer professional assistance through webinars, conferences and networking meetings. Law firm managers can also handle legal and official contracts in different institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and corporations.

The darkest areas of the map show where legal administrators earn the highest salaries in all 50 states. The firm's administrator has experience handling a wide range of tasks related to administrative and executive support and is able to work independently with little or no oversight. A law firm administrator is a professional who manages the business and administrative aspects of a law firm. Employers in legal fields prefer to hire management candidates from law firms with relevant work experience.

A business administration degree is vital to equipping law firm managers with leadership skills and knowledge needed to manage the company and its staff.

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