What are the duties of an administrative specialist?

Administrative specialists perform a wide range of administrative and personal assistant tasks, including conducting research, preparing statistical reports and spreadsheets, preparing correspondence, reports and presentations, handling information requests, conference planning and meetings, the provision of purchase and. Prepare and maintain company documents and reports. When you're ready to become an administrative specialist, you may wonder which companies hire administrative specialists. Under guidance, an administrative specialist provides a wide range of administrative and secretarial support to senior staff within the department.

By reporting to the management manager, the person in this role will support the management department's goal of providing business impact by investigating and resolving requests, including annotations and posting to accounts. The levels of education that executive managers get are a little different from those of administrative specialists. An administrative specialist performs the functions of an administrative associate, but with some authority to go beyond the limits of established procedures. This Administrative Specialist position will answer phones, file, handle special projects, provide direct services to clients, and perform other administrative tasks as needed.

Employees in positions of administrative specialists and executive managers are trained in customer service, office procedures, and data entry. Depending on the level of experience required for the position, administrative specialists may also need an Associate's degree in office administration or a related field, or a bachelor's degree in an industry-related field. The administrative specialist provides high-level administrative support to the department or group of professionals. In particular, executive managers are 3.0% more likely to graduate with a master's degree than an administrative specialist.

The administrative specialist exists to provide direct administrative support to the school principal, faculty, and students. Learn more about the Sample Administrative Specialist Cover Letter and the Administrative Specialist Resume Example.

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